Sheet Metal Fabrication

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We provide sheet metal service to suit our Bryan/College Station customers needs. It can be a simple as a pan or a large project such as a control console housing. Our sheet metal capabilities include the following:

  • sheering
  • bending
  • shaping

We have a large array of steel sheets and plates that we can customize to your project needs. We can bend various degrees of angles with our machines, including:

  • HTC 200 ton Press Brake (capable of bending ¼" plate 10' long)
  • Standard Industrial 325 ton Press Brakes (capable of bending ½" plate 12' long)

We can shear the following:

  • 20 ga up to ¼" by 10' long on our HTC 250-10 shear
  • 3/8" to ½" x 12' long on our shear

We provide plate rolling to any diameter necessary. Using our Press Brakes we have the capability of flatting bent product back to their true forms and pressing bearings or bushings in place. Any design or job that requires sheet metal work we have you covered, please contact us for more information.

CNC Plasma Cutting & Plate Burning

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Our high definition CNC Plasma Cutting machine has the capability of cutting:

  • 18 ga up to 2" steel
  • 18 ga up to 1 ½" stainless steel
  • .050 up to 1 ½" aluminum
  • CNC Plate Burning can cut up to 6" plates
  • Custom cutouts for designs and artworks

We have the capability to do any size job with this table by scaling up or scaling down the quantity to meet your needs, as well as scan and program any design within reason into our CNC Plasma cutting table. There is no job to big or to small. We prefer DXF files but any files are acceptable. We can do sheets as large as 8' x 12' or smaller.

Complete Welding and Metal Fabrication

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Our complete welding and metal fabrication capabilities span from the following:

  • Job Shop
  • MIG
  • TIG
  • ARC welding and brazing
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing

We also have the capability of punching a 1 ½" hole in a 1" plate with our 120-ton Ironworker.

Angle & Tube Rolling

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Our angle and tube-rolling machine allows us to tailor your project needs. Our capabilities include:

  • rolling angles
  • tubes
  • flat bar
  • channel and I-beams.

Given our specialized equipment and methods we are able to roll tubing in a way that maintains the structural integrity of the metal. View PDF and contact us for a consultation on your job.

Pipe/Rod Bending

We are able to bend up to 3 ½" pipe to 90 degrees and up to 1 ½" pipe 180 degrees, we can bend 1" rods up to 180 degrees. View some of our work below and contact us for a quote.

Pipe Threading and Beveling

We have the capability of threading 1/2" up to 4" pipe, and threading rods ¼" up to 2". We can cut bevel on pipes from 2" to 12" pipe. View some of our work below and contact us for a quote.

Metal Cutting Saws and Ironworkers

We have the capability of custom cutting materials to size from:

  • 45 degrees 18" x 12 ¼"
  • maximum cutting size of 12" x 18"

Our fully automated for continuous operations saw for cutting repeated length can cut parts up to 10" x 10" x 26" long. We are able to provide any cutting need for our customers in a fast and timely fashion.


Contact us to customize your project. Check out some of our machining work below.

Air Arc Gouging

We provide a wide range of air arc gouging services to industries including:

  • Construction
  • Heavy construction
  • Drilling
  • Engineering and R&D
  • Food
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Railroad equipment